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Knogin™ Hunter empowers you with smart AI that goes beyond traditional signature-based threat detection methods. It collects data from cloud, on-prem and physical devices and IoT, and uses self-learning algorithms to find patterns of outlier behaviour with Machine Learning and Streaming Analytics.

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When you face a threat, you want to share your findings and insights with others in your organization. A “dashboard” can only show you the numbers and charts that you already expect. What you need is a “storyboard,” a powerful tool that tells the whole story of the threat in words and interactive visualizations. A storyboard helps you answer the who, what, where, and how of the threat, and makes it easy for others to understand and act on your analysis.


Malware Beaconing

Knogin™ Hunter enables you to protect your network from threats by profiling network, user, device and application payloads, visualising and normalising data, and discovering patterns that expose the most likely attacks.


Suspicious connections

Knogin™ Hunter empowers you with smart AI to map the network and uncover the most suspicious connections. It eliminates the noise and searches for known attack patterns, exposing the most likely threats from billions of data flows.


Threat Incident and Response

Knogin™ Hunter helps you discover the hidden connections of any asset or IP – the “social network” of that asset or IP. It also shows you a timeline of the conversations that originated from that asset or IP, so you can track who or what it interacted with and when.


Open Data Models

Knogin™ Hunter provides you with common Open Data Models for network, endpoint and user, which enable you to integrate cross application data in a standard format and gain complete enterprise visibility and new analytic capabilities. Hunter’s Open Data Models also allow you to easily share new analytics with others as you discover new threats.



Knogin™ Hunter helps you create cybersecurity applications faster and easier by providing a cybersecurity analytics framework. This means you can focus on integrating applications that detect cybercrime, instead of wasting time on building systems to handle huge and diverse security data.

How Knogin™ Hunter Protects Your Critical Assets from
Cyber Threats with Smart AI

Knogin™ Hunter advanced threat detection is a smart and proven solution for cyber security. It protects your organisation’s critical assets from threats with these capabilities:

  • Discover new or unknown threats before they cause damage

  • Visualise fraud detection by creating exception-based baselines

  • Identify compromised credentials and stop unauthorized access

  • Detect policy violations and enforce security rules

  • Enhance compliance monitoring and management

  • Detect advanced persistent threats and malware from external sources

  • Gain visibility into network and endpoint behaviours

  • Reveal malicious behaviour patterns of zero day threats that have no signatures





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