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For the longest time, a household was protected by just an anti-virus and a strong firewall. Today, as hackers get smarter and smarter, this is simply not enough. With portable devices like laptops and cellphones being commonplace, a strong firewall has become obsolete. Firewalls protect hackers from getting in, but if you bring in a laptop that was recently connected to a public WIFI network, and compromised, this would also compromise your household's network.

The second line of defense is an antivirus program. It alerts you when it has scanned your computer for any viruses and malware – assuming it has been recently updated and connected to its database.

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Still useful in today's world, but it doesn't keep up with new threats fast enough. Anti-virus companies first detect a new virus, patch it, and then release it to their users, but what happens if you were the first person to get attacked with this new virus?

We'd like to think our antivirus will protect us from new threats, but the moment you’ve been compromised, hackers can immediately begin spying on you and your family. What happens if you or a family member logs sensitive bank account data during that time? What happens if it sends a spam link to your entire contact list? Or even uses your computer to host illegal files and data? Your information has been compromised and the anti-virus had no clue! The reality is, once you've already been compromised, there’s nothing the anti-virus software can do to protect you.

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Over 75% of Americans own either a desktop or laptop computer, 48% of those own more than one of these things. And, more than 90% of US households have three or more devices connecting to the internet. This makes it even more necessary to have your entire household covered, not just you. CyberEasy can watch over all your household devices and protect you. Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and behavioral analytics, it can alert you when your search behavior starts looking a bit erratic and 'out of character'. It also uses real-time data, so you never have to worry about updating it. And with our threat profiling platform, it can show you when and where you were compromised with a click of a button. Our software is at no cost to you or your household. We believe in making cybersecurity accessible for everyone.

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