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Making Cyber Security Simple for Individuals and Businesses

Knogin’s mission is to make enterprise-grade cyber security easy and affordable for everyone.

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What is Knogin?

Knogin is a company with a mission to democratize cyber security by making it simple to use and affordable for virtually any budget. Our network security solution, CyberEasy, is a threat detection solution designed to help both individuals and organizations of all sizes counter modern cyber threats. CyberEasy accomplishes this by using threat profiling, network security analytics, artificial intelligence, and more to assess potential threats and user behaviors to identify abnormalities.

We are confident that our cyber security app will be able to improve your threat detection so you can protect yourself from cyber attacks. Our core belief at Knogin is founded doing what is right and helping the good guys win against cybercriminals.

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Knogin’s Values

We believe that when we align our business practices with our core values, we significantly increase our potential. That’s why we encourage our team members to take on initiatives that will improve the business as well as our customers’ experience.

One of our most important values is trust. We earn and retain our customers’ trust because they know they can rely on Knogin to provide a secure platform that is dependable and effective—with levels of protection typically only available to organizations with large network security budgets.

We also work to nurture our staff with an environment of trust by encouraging them to freely share their opinions about issues or challenges.

Another one of our core values is achieving excellence in everything we do. At Knogin, we recognize and value employee contributions that go above and beyond the call of duty. We are grateful to have a team that constantly strives to be better and to do good work for our customers.

One of the ways we achieve excellence is by working together effectively. We believe that collaboration is key, so we strive to work as one team regardless of role or location.

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How Knogin Helps the Community

Our values go beyond simply being a great cyber security app maker—we want to make the world a better place. Some of the initiatives we have taken to achieve this goal include:

  • Creating positive impacts in our community by providing learning opportunities and making Knogin’s threat detection technology available to organizations and individuals who are unable to afford cyber protection.
  • Engaging in promoting STEM for women and reducing the gender gap, as we believe more diversity will create better innovations in the cyber security industry.
  • Fighting human trafficking by tracking suspicious online behavior—through the use of AI—to help organizations and governments dismantle vicious criminal networks.

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