CyberEASY sets a new standard.

It is time to stop thinking advanced Cyber Security is not in your budget. We built CyberEASY from the ground-up with its head in the cloud, so you get savings in the bank.

No need to install on-premise devices. No software or hardware maintenance on your part. CyberEASY’s upgrades and enhancements happen for you automatically in the cloud.  

SMBs can get enterprise-grade cybersecurity without an enterprise-sized budget or an enterprise-sized in-house team.

CyberEASY’s innovative Pricing Plan allows you to scale your deployment from 1 to thousands of users easily, quickly and cost-effectively. Pay for what you need and only pay for what you use.

Large organizations can also save money by utilizing CyberEASY’s AI capabilities to handle significantly more events, identify issues more effectively and reduce the workload on highly compensated analysts.

CyberEASY was built to be scalable and affordable.
Learn how you can finally get advanced cybersecurity that doesn’t break your bank account with CyberEASY

Are you still looking at other vendors’ cybersecurity solutions and discovering
they are difficult to implement, complicated to manage, and expensive to operate?

Then isn’t it time you got to know Knogin and CyberEASY?