Setup and deploy CyberEASY in minutes, not months

One of the biggest problems in the industry with setting up analytics systems with some of the features that are like CyberEASY is the time it takes to deploy. The industry average is between 6 to 12 months. While you’re deploying the solution you’re not getting any value but you still have to pay.

CyberEASY is different. You pay for the number of users being monitored by the system after they have been monitored. You create an account, download our apps and your data is immediately available on your dashboards. It takes as long as you want it to and costs as little as you need it to. We’ve designed the process to work instantly and have deployment scripts for larger-scale deployments which lets you deploy the agent to thousands of servers at the execution of a script or through your preferred automation tools.

Criminals start causing harm as soon as they are able to, why should the good guys make you wait to catch them? We deploy, detect and respond instantly. There is no wait time.

OK, now you CyberEASY can be up and running in a fraction of the time as competitive systems. 
Now, find out how CyberEASY makes it easy to get enterprise-grade cybersecurity for a fraction of an enterprise-sized budget.

Are you still looking at other vendors’ cybersecurity solutions and discovering
they are difficult to implement, complicated to manage, and expensive to operate?

Then isn’t it time you got to know Knogin and CyberEASY?