Law Enforcement Portal

We offer our Law Enforcement Portal for free to qualifying police departments in some countries. Our Law Enforcement Portal contains two types of data:

  1. Information about criminals who we’ve detected launching attacks and all evidence associated with such attack except with the victim or target’s information protected. Any criminal or evidence existing within the jurisdiction of the Law Enforcement Department which is subscribed is fully searchable by that Department.
  2. Information about targets if our customers wish to press charges or report. All data on our clients is kept private at all times (see our privacy policy). If a customer requires Law Enforcement help or wishes to report attempted or successful attacks, they can notify us through the portal and we will make the relevant data available to the pertinent law enforcement department(s) in two forms if they are signed up:
    1. Data pertaining to the attacker gets a flag stating that there is someone wishing to co-operate with Law Enforcement and prosecute; and
    2. Data pertaining to the target gets shared after our client’s approval has been granted
  3. If the client which wishes to prosecute and the criminal are in different jurisdictions, we will also provide information to each Law Enforcement office of how to collaborate and contact each other.

This makes it difficult for criminals to attack our customers. Not only will we detect the attack, but there will be consequences for the criminal, making them think twice.

If you manage a Law Enforcement Department and wish to gain access to our Law Enforcement Portal please email and after manual verification, we will help you get up and running on our system for free.