Cybersecurity software is a necessity for almost everyone these days.
 But, up until now, the advanced solutions needed to defend against
today’s ever-changing and sophisticated cyber threats have
been too expensive and too complex.

It’s time for a change.  It’s time for CyberEASY by Knogin.

Introducing – CyberEASY, your premier streaming security analytics
and threat
hunting solution.

Separating media from reality

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The media tends to paint a ‘doom and gloom’ cyber threat scenario, with click-bait sensationalized announcements of the latest massive cyber breach. And, while the impact of cyber threats is very real, this constant barrage of news can lull some organizations into a complacent, ‘it’s not going to happen to us’ scenario. 

In other organizations, it sets into play an environment of panic, and the urgency to implement something as quickly as possible to ‘check off a box on a corporate scorecard’, but with insufficient understanding of all the elements that go into an effective cybersecurity implementation.

Knogin knows the cyber threats you face and it is serious.

Cyber-attacks are becoming more targeted, more sophisticated and more severe in terms of negative consequences.  Hackers and cyber criminals know how to exploit vulnerabilities across your network, hosts and end points.

Statistically, we are all ‘at risk’.  From the individual to all organizations ranging from the small and medium business (SMB), to the Fortune 500,  none of us are immune. 

A cyber ‘event’ will happen – it’s just a matter of when and in what form.  The question is, ‘what are you going to do to prevent, detect or mitigate the attack?’.

Knogin knows the challenges inhibiting your cyber safety. 

We did the research. 
This is what we found:

        Lack of expertise

  • Insufficient Personnel
  • Lack of In-House Expertise
  • Lack of Time

      Hard to implement

  • Difficult to Install
  • Difficult to Use
  • Difficult to Maintain

       Limited Budget

  • High Acquisition Cost
  • High Monthly Fees
  • Cost Of Skilled Personnel

We know a better way to provide an advanced cybersecurity solution

So, we designed CyberEASY to meet these challenges by making it:




The solution is easy…. CyberEASY by Knogin.

With over 50 years of combined experience in cybersecurity, the Knogin team know how to analyze, detect and protect against sophisticated attackers in the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.  

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