Reduce bandwidth requirement

There are certain organisations, e.g. in the transport industry (e.g. Airlines, Shipping, etc) where bandwidth comes at a premium when you’re in the sky or at sea. When your craft are not close enough to a mainland you need to use expensive satellite-based Internet access to provide Internet connectivity to your customers. This can be extremely expensive, and not knowing how much your customers are going to use on your systems in advance means that your bandwidth costs can be extremely variable and hard to calculate or budget for, as well as very limited.

This is why the Knogin Vigilant appliance is small and powerful enough to fit onboard an aircraft or ship to monitor for criminals or even passengers who may wish to bring harm to the vessel or gain unauthorised access. The Knogin Vigilant appliance only needs to update when you can land or dock so that it can still have the newest patterns to understand the latest attack vectors.

It works by monitoring chatter on your vessel and correlating that with known attack patterns for your specific needs (e.g. oil tanker as opposed to cruise liner or aircraft). It still provides you with the warnings and information you need in order to digitally defend your craft, even without needing to speak to the cloud in real-time. It’s a fully-autonomous system, designed specifically to save you money and still give you an advantage over criminals.

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