CyberEASY benefits for
Personal and Home Office

"Enterprise level cybersecurity priced for the individual user"

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Combining the words ‘cybersecurity’ and ‘easy’ might be considered an oxymoron by some, but for us at Knogin, it was a design requirement. 

To get started with CyberEASY, simply download and install our light-weight agent on your devices and a few minutes later, the CyberEASY dashboard displays your real-time analytics and starts threat hunting.

CyberEASY plays well with others, too. If you have existing anti-virus software or firewalls, CyberEASY complements them and can detect attacks they would normally miss. For example, ‘zero-day’ attack, will go usually unnoticed by common anti-virus software, CyberEASY can tell it’s an anomaly simply by the unusual behavior. Firewalls only protect you when you are inside the perimeter safety of your firewall, and most firewalls can’t protect applications. When outside that perimeter, your devices are vulnerable. With CyberEASY, however, users and devices are protected both inside and outside of the firewall, no matter where in the world they travel. 

Cybersecurity does not have to be difficult to set-up, deploy and start getting the benefit of protection.  Other advanced cybersecurity platforms can take months to deploy.  

Who has time for that?

Criminals start causing harm as soon as they are able to, why should the good guys make you wait to catch them? 

With CyberEASY, you create an account, download our apps and your data is immediately available on your dashboards. It takes as long as you want it to and costs as little as you need it to. We’ve designed the process to work instantly. There is no wait time.

You can get started with CyberEASY for only $7 per month on our Starter Plan.  Just imagine, now you can get advanced cybersecurity for a little more than a mocha latte at your favorite coffee shop. 

Are you still looking at other vendors’ cybersecurity solutions and discovering
they are difficult to implement, complicated to manage, and expensive to operate?

Then isn’t it time you got to know Knogin and CyberEASY?