Platform Operations Engineer

A Platform Operations Engineer is a person who is responsible for integrating the platform with your other tools. They would help vet different tools before bringing them to your enterprise, establish best practices and reference architecture with respect to provisioning, management and use of your security tools. They would configure the systems with respect to deployment and monitoring. They would maintain our data-collecting probes and the associated enrichment services.  They would also load enrichment data and manage threat feeds. They provide care and feeding for one or more point security solutions and do capacity planning system maintenance and upgrades.

Generally, with Knogin Vigilant, most of these tasks are included – talk to us if you’d like us to manage this process for you, otherwise if you already have someone to do this, the “Platform Operations Engineer” profile allows the user to access the Security Tools, Provisioning, Management and Monitoring tooling, various programming languages, Big Data, AI, Neural Networking and Distributed Computing platforms.

The type of person you’d need for this role would ideally be a Developer who understands Computer Science and has a Development or Operations Background. They would need experience with Big Data technologies and to be able to support distributed applications and systems.