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Real-Time AI-Powered Big Data Enabled Cybersecurity Analytics

CyberEASY is a Big Data and Machine Learning application as a service that enables a single view of diverse, streaming security data at scale to aid any size business in rapidly detecting and responding to threats.

CyberEASY provides a streaming security analytics and threat profiling platform that makes it faster and easier for SecOps and IT personnel to do their job. It is a next-generation SOC (Security Operations Center) data analytics and response application that integrates a variety of Big Data and Machine Learning technologies into a centralized tool for security monitoring and analysis.

It provides the ability to ingest, process and store diverse data feeds at scale, including security data feeds, logs and network metadata together, with capabilities for log aggregation, full packet capture indexing, storage, advanced behavioral analytics, and data enrichment, while applying the most current threat-intelligence information to security telemetry within a single platform.

CyberEASY is a next-generation SOC (Security Operations Center), which is powered by AI, making it footloose and available in any location of your choice. As opposed to manned SOCs, which are expensive and available in limited locations, AI can move anywhere and call you when something’s not right so that you don’t need a team of experts staring at a screen 24/7, CyberEASY can take care of that for you.

When CyberEASY detects that something bad is happening to your business, it will alert you on your Dashboard, or notify you wherever ever you are at the time.  CyberEASY can be configured to notify you personally 24/7 via: email, send you an SMS text, call you or even activate a smart speaker.  The system can be spun up anywhere in the world within a few days, or it’s available immediately when you sign up in either the EU or US Metro.

We build CyberEASY to be scalable from individuals to organizations and businesses of all sizes.   
Find out more about using CyberEASY in a SOC.

Are you still looking at other vendors’ cybersecurity solutions and discovering
they are difficult to implement, complicated to manage, and expensive to operate?

Then isn’t it time you got to know Knogin and CyberEASY?