Security that doesn’t break your bank account

It doesn’t make sense to spend $50,000 on a system that protects $10,000 worth of your business.

Oftentimes the only security solution for small businesses is Antivirus, which doesn’t always work, or no solution at all. It’s purely because it requires a large up-front fee, and if it gets in your way you have lost the money you’ve invested in the solution, and it hasn’t fulfilled its purpose.

Many small companies also need a Security Analytics system to defend their business as part of audit requirements from their potential clients, but the cost of such solutions is prohibitive and requires up-front investment.

Most vendors also charge for Security Analytics by the number of events per second or the amount of GB of logs per day it’s going to process. 99% of people and companies have no idea how to estimate this, and calculators used to estimate it do a very poor job or are too complicated

Knogin Hunter is a subscription-based service where you pay monthly in arrears and can cancel any time. We charge by the number of users of the system. There are no overage fees and you can increase or decrease the size of your subscription whenever you like.