Security that doesn’t slow you down

If you use systems for a specific purpose, such as PC Gaming it can be painful to have Antivirus and other security tools slowing you down. Knogin Hunter can silently monitor your system with minimal resource usage. It can also remotely monitor things like your firewalls or routers to get more context on what’s going on in your environment.

Knogin Hunter is designed to help you to identify attacks and bad behaviours against your systems without slowing you down. It can be used as an early warning system if you’re in the middle of something and someone wants to stop you from reaching your goals, such as if you’re in a first-person-shooter and another player DoS attacks your home network to slow down your connection and increase your latency, causing you to lose a battle or a game.

Knogin Hunter gives you the full context when fully deployed in order to help you report the attacks appropriately and effectively.