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Challenge: The resource pinchChallenge: The resource pinch

01 Challenge:

The resource pinch

You have a ton of work to do and so does team - there are not enough resources to attend to it.


You don't need to invest in a SOC. You no longer require champion(s) of CyberSucurity - CyberEasy will deliver the data back to you in an actionable format.

02 Challenge:

The shortage of expertise/understanding

You are battling with little visibility into your security status across your IT estate.


With CyberEasy, your network is not “too complex”. More people does not mean better servicing. Your third parties and clients all benefit from your total visibility.

03 Challenge:

Information overload

Your people are generating data at a phenomenal rate. IT is costly and dificult to manage assets, nevermind knowing what the software levels are or how many you have.


You know immediately when something happens on or to your team and network. Your visibility on the estate is complete and real-time.

04 Challenge:

The time budget

Deploying traditional security solutions is timely and very seldom done right. The time you and your team spend costs you time elsewhere and impacts future budgets based on success.


Your don't 6+ months to implement a Cyber Security solution.
Your protection is almost instant with a deployment that takes minutes.

05 Challenge:

The constant hassle of training

You are already dealing with the leaking of quality resources, now you're left with the challenge of training new people and keaping existing people trained.


Your solution is the people and replaces the need for SOC. No more endless updates and professional services to keep parsing running and correlations working - nevermind the alerting.

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