CyberEASY benefits for
Small and Medium Businesses

You Deserve The Same Level of Cybersecurity as Enterprises

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Headlines are full of news about the latest massive data breaches and the financial and reputational impacts on large organizations.  Attacks on small and medium-sized businesses ( SMBs) are rarely as newsworthy. In comparison to a large enterprise, however, SMBs are by far, the most vulnerable businesses.  Hackers know SMBs typically have weaker security and have at least some valuable information worth stealing. With a modest amount of effort,  hackers can conduct a successful attack and get what they want.

There is a clear disconnect between how some SMBs think about their security vs. how likely they actually are to fall victim to a cyber attack. Eighty-seven percent (87%) of small business owners don’t believe that they’re at risk of a data breach. Yet, in 2016 hackers breached over 14 million small businesses.

The effect of an attack on SMBs has increased each year and while the data varies from report-to-report, the impact is significant. More than half (54 %) of all cyber attacks result in financial damages of more than US $500,000 including, but not limited to, lost revenue, customers, opportunities, and out-of-pocket costs. That amount is enough to put an unprepared small/midmarket business out of operation – permanently. Indeed,  small/midmarket businesses can struggle financially to survive following a severe cyber-attack. More than half of SMB reported that they would be unprofitable in under one month.

“Too many SMBs drag their feet when it comes to improving their security”

The Reactive SMB is aware of potential cyber issues but is often too busy running their business to improve their cyber posture.  They vow to get some sort of a security solution when something happens to them.   But, it’s just not a priority right now. 

The Passive SMB assumes that a cyber-attack won’t happen to them.    By hoping that cybercriminals won’t attack them because they are too small,  or won’t be able to discover their vulnerabilities, they are in effect  practicing security through obscurity.  When a cyber incident happens to a Passive, they scramble for a way to clean up the mess. They often don’t determine the root cause, don’t try to improve their security posture and thus are a ripe target for a repeated cyber-attack.

The Proactive SMB understands the likelihood of a  cyber-attack and desires solutions that give them the security capabilities they need. However, their security can be hampered by budgets that limit investments in effective cybersecurity solutions and limit staffing in business-critical roles in both IT and Security. 

“SMBs need to shift from a responding to a preventing cyber-attacks mentality”

A relevant cybersecurity solution enables SBMs to:
> Deploy it easily and start protecting your company quickly.
> Stay ahead of attackers with the latest advances in cybersecurity technology.
> Protect what matters.
> Pay for what you use, not hardware or infrastructure costs, set-up or training
> Add powerful security protection without having to increase headcount
> Identify potential threats inside the company caused by employees.
> Easily add advanced security capability to existing business processes and technology investments
> Protect users on-site or anywhere in the world they travel.
> Be automatically alerted anywhere, anytime, whenever there are potential problems.

SMBs deserve the same level of cybersecurity as enterprises.

Security is no longer only an IT issue, it is business imperative.  Maybe SMBs aren’t aware that they can use the same types of security systems as larger enterprises, even if they don’t have an enterprise-sized team of experts or an enterprise-sized security budget

You might ask…. “How is it possible to get enterprise-grade security for SMB-sized organizations on a SMB-sized budget?”
Answer: By integrating the Cloud, Big Data, AI and Threat Intelligence into a single platform.

CyberEASY is that Security as a Service (SaaS) security analytics and threat hunting platform. It provides SMBs with enterprise-grade security features with unprecedented ease-of-use and at a price point they can easily afford.   

Your time and energy are too valuable to waste.

Enjoy freedom to focus on your core business, while CyberEASY focuses on your security.
The enterprise-grade benefits in CyberEASY enable you to:

Setup and deploy in minutes, not months. Get started with 3 simple steps – download the light-weight Agent, install it with a few clicks and start seeing data in your Dashboard. In only takes two minutes to go from download to dashboard to cyber protection.

Stay ahead of hackersCyberEASY combines the features of a traditional SIEM with the advanced power of streaming analytics and AI.  By correlating your real-time events with Threat Intelligence sourced from the latest world-wide threat intelligence databases your CyberEASY system is ready to help you thwart the latest threats.

Always be ready because Hackers never stop. CyberEASY runs 24/7 protecting your company. It never gets tired or takes days off. CyberEASY is always ready because it is automatically updated for you in the Cloud with the latest software, features and threat intelligence. 

Know now, when you are being attacked. Cybercriminals can compromise a system in a matter of minutes, but 68% of the time it takes months for it to be discovered by an organization.  When hackers start a breach or other nefarious actions, you need to know now, your business can’t afford to wait. CyberEASY collects, analyzes and correlates your machine data in real-time. When something suspicious happens, you will know immediately, there are no delays.

Protect what matters most, by taking action quickly. Knowing you are being attacked is important.  Knowing what to do about it is even more important. CyberEASY provides you with actionable steps to take for threat remediation.

Pay for only what you need.  Most vendors charge for Security Analytics by the number of events per second or the amount of GB of logs per day that it is going to process. Both are hard to estimate and difficult to budget for. CyberEASY takes a much simpler and more cost-effective approach. Make the most of your limited budgets, by only paying for the number of users of the system. Scale up or down to meet your changing business needs.  There are no required on-boarding or training costs.

Identify security issues caused from inside your company. If an employee inadvertently gets phished or gets hit with malware, CyberEASY can identify the indicators of comprise and alert you.  Malicious employees intent on data theft or sabotage exhibit abnormal behaviors that are detected by CyberEASY UEBA capabilities.

Enable your existing team to work smarter not harder. You get complete security visibility across your users, network and endpoints on a single pane of glass. On your Dashboard, see every event, select filters to minimize noise, or sort events based on severity. When a threat is identified, in a few clicks, get remediation recommendations. Everything you need is in one place in one system. Start enjoying the security benefits of CyberEASY without having to expand your existing IT team or turning them into cybersecurity experts.

Keep using your existing processes and make them better. CyberEASY works side-by-side with your existing technology investments, such as AntiVirus and Firewalls. When employees use their laptops outside of the office IT environment, CyberEASY continues to protect them. These are ‘out-of -the-box’ features that do not require any changes in the way your employees work or how your business operates.

Be notified when, where and how you like. When nothing is happening, to stare at a dashboard can be as boring as watching paint dry.  But when there is an important event, someone needs to take ownership. CyberEASY can be configured to deliver notifications to a single person or via a multi-person escalation process.  Notifications can be delivered via email, SMS, Slack or phone.

Finally, take a free test drive. Get your hands on a Dashboard and take CyberEASY out for a spin. Get a feel for how well CyberEASY handles the twists and turns of your security needs. Grab the keys with a Free 14 day trial of the  CyberEASY Professional Package. If you like it, that’s great. If not, let us know how we can improve.  (Sorry, but the ‘new car smell’ is not available as an option)

Are you still looking at other vendors’ cybersecurity solutions and discovering
they are difficult to implement, complicated to manage, and expensive to operate?

Then isn’t it time you got to know Knogin and CyberEASY?