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Learning opportunities

Cybersecurity is a demanding and technical field that requires a constant learning process. From the university student that is entering into an exciting career to the security professional that wants to keep up to date, there are always learning opportunities in Cybersecurity.

To support this demand, we partnered with Cybrary, a free Cybersecurity training platform. We create free courses about security analytics and behavioral analytics to help people learn more about these topics.

We believe in free education and we are committed to providing original educational content for everyone interested.

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STEM for women

We believe in having more diversity in technology and we believe women offer valuable and unique inputs in this field. Innovation in STEM has been developed predominantly by males in the past, which gave us a biased vision of our society's future and how we use technologies. By standing up for more women in STEM, we stand up for a more inclusive future, better innovations, and equal access to opportunities.

At Knogin, we have a proactive internal policy that empowers female employees to take more responsibilities, feel supported, and encourage them to express their own visions. We make sure to create a safe and inclusive workplace that doesn't replicate gender stereotypes.

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Human trafficking

We are fundamental believers in doing the right thing and doing good in the world. This is why we have decided to use our resources and knowledge to provide technical support to NGOs fighting human trafficking in Latin America.

Through our Security Analytics and Behavioral Analytics technology, we can detect unusual and harmful activity from people choosing to exploit vulnerable individuals. Combine this with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, we are able to use this data to crack into a network of criminals and report them to the proper authorities.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO), there are 24.9 million victims currently trapped in human trafficking worldwide and it is considered to be modern-day slavery. At Knogin, our technology is dedicated to finding and saving those victims.

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