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Eyes on the prize

Criminals often research known vulnerabilities and then search across the Internet for systems which may be vulnerable to that specific exploit. They indiscriminately attack vulnerable organisations with a goal of joining their compromised hosts to their network and using them to attack or extort another victim, or censor a government. We keep our eyes on the prize to ensure that if you’re targeted you’ll know straight away.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Knogin Hunter is a plug and play Security Analytics platform that can manage multiple types of data in multiple ways and present it to you in a unified single pane of glass.

That system allows you to quickly analyse all events related to a specific occurence and view it in multiple different ways so that you don’t need to use several investigative tools. Knogin has all of the research capabilities a SOC needs in one platform.

We use Neural Networking, an AI Stepping Stone, to help us to understand context in many different scenarios, which is another advantage we can give with our cloud based solution.

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Threat intel

Knogin Hunter enriches events with further information when they are received. For instance, if an IP address is included with an event, the system will enrich the data with Geo info based on that IP.

The system also queries multiple Threat Intelligence providers and correlates information about known bad IPs or Indicators of Compromise (IoCs) and enriches events with the pertinent information if it is relevant.

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Threat intel

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